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Meet Dee 

When I started my yoga journey over 24 years ago, my goal was to show off how flexible I was, and to look good.  I became a mother ,two years later and used hot fast yoga to “get back in shape and regain my pre-baby body”. I soon realized what the offerings of yoking - bringing together the mind and the body; did for me emotionally, and subconsciously. This process touched me in a way that I had not known before. I was able to trust myself and have the confidence to create value and freedom. Regaining the knowledge of who I truly was at essence.  I received the strength to liberate myself from an abusive marriage and to find my own path to happiness. I have had so many trials and tribulations in my life, living through the diagnoses of chronic illness and  all the comes with that life.  Today, I  remain steadfast to  blazing my way into a journey that is full of adventures and unknow possibilities, While taking my experiences and helping others learn to heal.

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