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Come Find the Inner You

Come join Shakti with Dee for an 8 week dive into your inner most self with one- on- one Inner Alignment coaching.

Dee feels deeply and helps each individual dive into an inner journey of awakening with practices such as: Law of Attraction, Ayurveda Medicine, Introspective Practices, Meditation and Movement. We walk a path to happiness with a five-pronged approach to Blissful transformation:


Set Vision & Intentions: Dee helps you connect with your Heart's desires to develop clarity for  both outer and inner intentions. She ensures your intentions are in alignment with the Truth of who you truly are.


Develop Self Understanding and Compassion: She helps you understand your unique body, energetics, mind, emotions, and consciousness so you can better navigate life, develop self-compassion, and release unrealistic expectations and unnecessary judgement. This paves the way for your intentions. 


Remove Obstacles: She works with you to identify and release the fears, attachments, impossibility, and resistance that keeps you from accessing your essence and your joy. Creating awareness, healing deep past connections, and learning to rewire your brain.  Allowing the  release of  limitations of the ego and build deep inner healing.


Maintain Inner Alignment: She works with you to maintain an authentic positive vibration in the face of difficulty and challenges. She guides you in sustaining your connection to the Heart to hold you in a place of receiving your desires from the Universe. This requires resilience in times of stress.


Achieve Outcome Alignment: Dee helps you troubleshoot and adjust where you get off course so you can achieve the outcomes that you desire.

Inner Alignment is a form of coach healing designed to restore, reconnect  and align you to your original blueprint of highest and best health!  

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