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Dee Is a beautiful soul with so much light to give. She and high energy and really wants to help her clients.  I can't believe that I can live pain free by one visit a week. 

Melt is  Amazing!

Deborah B

 "Working with Dee has been life changing. Such a seasoned guide. Like she has been doing this her whole life.  This was absolutly one of the best decisions I have made on my healing journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Dee."
                  Kim. M 

Dee was an amazing guide.  She held space for me to explore the dark corners I have been hiding from.  She gently guided me to face my fears and to turn them around and to see my own power.  Dee guided me through meditations that changed my belief system about myself and helped me to change my vibration and intentions for myself.

Yoga on Beach


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